Exhibition about Wilhelm Fabry

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The exhibition is on view from March 24 to May 29-2016. de.gif
Admission is 3 Euro, reduced rate 1,50 Euro

Titelblatt der ObservationesTitel of the ObservationesThe exhibition "Wilhelm Fabry - Personality, Achievements, Worldview, Connections, Patients" is presented again by popular demand.
Born in Hilden in 1560, the surgeon Wilhelm Fabry is the namesake and inspiration of the Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum.
Doctor and patient, diagnosis and treatment, illness and healing are the major focus of the museum.
The Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum presents an exhibition about the most famous Hildener and his many facets.
In addition to the person, important stages of his life, his teachers, his friends and correspondence are presented.
This visitor will not only learn about the exciting and eventful times in which Fabry lived, but situates Fabry in the context of his environment.
The exhibition highlights anatomy because, for Fabry, anatomical knowledge was the prerequisite and the key to his knowledge as a surgeon. The exhibition also focuses on the course of various illnesses the treatment of which Fabry described in his "Observationes" or his letters. The exhibition engages the visitor directly by presenting patients who were treated or operated on by Fabry. The focus is not the historical medical instrument that commands respect, but the suffering human being (homo patiens), and the trusting doctor-patient relationship that is in peril today due to the practice of equipment driven medicine. By situating amputation saws and other instruments within the proper context of their time, they lose their horror and become comprehensible to the visitor as what they were in their time: the latest, best, most modern and often life-saving treatment option.

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